IC Controls

CD/DVD Servo Motor and Actuator Driver

AM/FM Tuner, Stereo Demodulator

DTS, PLL, Frequency Display Circuits for AM/FM Receiver System

Volume and Sound Effect Control Circuits for Audio System

Audio Power Amplifier, Headphone Driver

DC Motor Driver

Clock/Watch Circuits

Fixed Code Remote Control Transmitter Circuits

Programmable Remote Control Transmitter Circuits

Remote Control Encoder / Decoder

Toy Car Remote Control Transmitter / Receiver Circuits

Electronic Fan Control Transmitter / Receiver Circuits

VFD / LCD / LED Driver

Power Management Circuits

Measurement Meter Circuits

Telephone Circuits

Calculator Circuits

PC Mouse & Keyboard Control Circuits

8 Bits General Purpose MCU

Smart Card Circuits

CD Servo / MP3 Decode Circuits

Fast Ethernet NIC Controller and Hard Disk Data Recovery Circuits


  Audio Sets ICs / Telephone Set ICs

Audio Sets ICs

    Audio Sets ICs ( I )

    Audio Sets ICs ( II )

    Audio Sets ICs ( III )

Telephone Sets ICs

    Telephone Sets ICs