RF Components


Dielectric Component Series

    Dielectric Filter

    Hybrid Dielectric Filter and Duplexer

    DRT Dielectric Resonator

    DR Dielectric Resonator

    Dielectric Antenna


Multilayer Dielectric Component Series

    Multilayer Dielectric Filter

    Multilayer Dielectric Balun

    Multilayer Dielectric Antenna


SAW Component Series

    SAW Filter

    SAW Duplexer

    SAW Resonator


Piezoelectric Ceramic Component Series

    Piezoelectric Ceramic Filter

    Piezoelectric Ceramic Resonator

    Piezoelectric Ceramic Discriminator


Duplexer Component Series

    LC Duplexer

    CATV Duplexer


GPS Module and DAB Antenna Series

    GPS Active Antenna

    DAB Antenna

    GPS Module

    GPS Mouse